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HUMANEO Manager, Performance for diverse teams

  • Facilitation of mixed gender teams in the context of a diversity action plan.


Performance for diverse teams

Our approach

  • We conduct this type of missions part of a « gender equality programme » to secure positive and sustainable impact.
  • Seminar Facilitation for mixed gender teams, to raise awareness of stereotypes; to identify actions to develop the performance of mixed teams.
  • Communication: definition of the communication plan to reach the target audiences with effective messages.

Our assets

  • Experience of both public and private sectors.
  • Ability to create an environment where it is and feels safe to speak up.

“We gathered a balanced group of men and women representing a broad variety of administrative jobs and levels to discuss gender equality at our University. Our exchanges were rich based on openness and mutual respect, and the facitation was astute to make everyone express themselves which has proven difficult in other settings.”

Etienne Le Coarer

Deputy VP of HR, Université Joseph Fourier