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LEADEO Exec & Coaching

  • Analyze the impact of one’s management style.
  • Accelerate the learning curve in a new GM or HR management position.
  • Improve cross functional cooperation.
  • Develop the skills of an executive team member.



Our approach

  • Systemic: the client’s behaviors are put in the perspective of his or her environment.
  • Mastery of powerful diagnostics tools such as 360° and MBTI.
  • Involvement of the client’s management and/or HR for objective setting and evaluation of the impact.

Our assets

  • Past member of executive teams.
  • Coaching of over 50 executives and managers, including several Directors of HR.
  • Ability to coach in english.
  • Skills and certifications in coaching, MBTI, DISC language – TMS, 360°… regularly updated.


« Each coaching session is a time to step back and put things in perspective. Françoise’s HR expérience is helpful to share difficult managerial issues, and she understands the business realities from her experience of large organizations going through ups and downs »


General Manager, Industry

« A coaching provides the time to mature personal growth. Francoise’s experience is helpful to confront the realities of difficult interpersonal relationships».


HR manager, public sector