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LEADEO Exec & change leadership

  • From a product based to a market based organization.
  • Successfully deploy a new ERP.
  • Define management processes to fit the size of the organization.
  • Merge several entities.


Leading change

Organize, phase and deploy a transformation

Our approach

  • Define the organizational principles to match the evolutions.
  • Manage the change as a project.
  • Put the right focus on communication.
  • Align the HR tools (missions, skills).
  • Identify the phases for deployment.

Our assets

  • Management of large change projects.
  • Combined HR and organizational design skills.

« Sophia Consulting helped us step back and act strategically in some key steps of the project, preventing conflicts among others. Françoise brought us method, discipline and persistence»

Françoise Stierlin

project manager for the «Refondation, Université Joseph Fourier